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Claiming Races Explained

A race in which owners put their horses up for sale when they enter them for the race. Other members will have the opportunity to Claim these horses at the price that is specified for each race.

You can put your horse up for sale in these races simply by entering it in the race. Other members will have the opportunity to Claim your horse at the price that is specified for each race. You may also place a claim to purchase a horse in a Claiming Race.

Claiming races present a different level of competition to traditional races, as Champion horses are unlikely to be entered for these races. Unless of course, an entering owner has not recognised the true ability of a Champion horse in which case the astute claimer will make a prize purchase of a horse that has ability to succeed in traditional racing. The higher value Claiming races will naturally attract more competitive horses.


Claiming Race Categories and Rules


Open Claimers - Eligibility is based only on age and sex, and not limited on wins.
Maiden Claimers – Eligibility is restricted to maidens only.
Claimers with conditions - Eligibility is restricted based on number of wins lifetime eg. N4L (non-winner of 4 lifetime)
A win in a claiming race will not count towards eligibility in conditioned Claimers. So, a horse may win multiple Claimers and still be eligible to run in Claimers with conditions such as N6L (non-winner of 6 lifetime).
A horse with a claiming win will not be eligible for a maiden stakes race or maiden claimer.
2 or more wins in a claimer will not count towards eligibility in stakes races or conditioned claimers.
The consecutive No Places special condition (eg. NPL3R) will count a place in a Claiming Race when determining eligibility for relevant stakes races.
Open Claimers run at level weights for same age and sex. Claimers that have conditions, run with handicaps.
A win in a claiming race will not count towards penalties applied in handicapping of races. So, a horse may win multiple Claimers without adding weight in Claimers with special conditions.
Claiming race wins will impact allowances applied in handicapping such as in determining the number of runs since last win. A Claiming race win will be considered in determining this count since last win.
Other claiming race rules:
1. The Selling owner receives the claim value less a 15% administration fee.
2. The Selling owner receives any stakes winnings that the horse may have won on the race.
Where more than one member claims any one particular horse, the successful claim will be determined through a lucky draw.
The stabling subscription fee date is adjusted when the horse is transferred so that it will only be payable again 30 days after transfer.
The entire horse details history record of Claimed horses will be transferred to new owners who claim them.
6. A claim for a horse may not be withdrawn.
7. A claiming race closes for entries 24 hours before it runs.
A claim can be placed as soon as the race closes for entries (24 hours before it runs) and up to 5 minutes before the race runs.
Once you have entered a horse for a Claiming Race you may not enter that horse for any other Race.
A horse may not be entered for a Claiming race if it has other Pending or Upcoming Races.
11. You may not claim your own horse.

A Career In Claimers

As a horse succeeds in winning Claiming races, so will it become more valuable and an owner may decide to place it in a higher value Claiming race. Should you claim a horse in a US$15.00 Claimer, you might decide to enter it in a US$20.00 Claimer. If another member claims your horse, you have profited US$5.00 (less commission) and have possibly also won the race stakes. You may alternatively enter it into another US$15.00 Claimer and possibly give yourself a better chance of winning the stakes, but then run the risk of loosing the horse without profiting on the sale.

The choice is yours.


Why would you enter a Claiming Race?

  • To compete for stakes against a lower calibre horse than in Stakes Races.
  • To put your horse up for sale.


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